NEON-LED, the new idea for NEON!!!

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NEON-LED is a revolutionize new  plastic rope light which is a new idea for Neon!



NEON-LED is comprised of solid-state Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in series housed by an inner plastic extrusion core. An UV stable outer plastic jacket further protects the inner core. The plastic jacket will be the translucent colored and the LED will be Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. Base our patented technical, we produce the NEON-LED with a continuously color linear effect as well as Glass Neon.



With over 7 years' advanced LED technological research and development work, we succeeded in producing SMD NEON-LED that updated design in SMD LED to replace glass neon. Compared with glass neon, it is easier to cut and it is flexiable can be bent into whatever angles by hand, installation can be within minutes and most important, it gives no hot spot on appearance.


Our SMD NEON-LED is made of an inner plastic extrusion that house the series of LED Strip by with Flexible PCB and SMD LED. We set-up the new SMD NEON-LED with Profeesional White type with 96pcs of SMD2835 0.1W with more power and more brightness, and can be standard SMD3528 in 96LEDs/m, 80LEDs/m for you choose..