NEON-LED, the new idea for NEON!!!

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Professional White SMD NEON-LED --New!


NEON-LED is a revolutionize new  plastic rope light which is a new idea for Neon!


Our SMD NEON-LED is made of an inner plastic extrusion that house the series of LED. An outer plastic jacket further protects the inner tube. The plastic jacket will be the translucent colored and the LED will be Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Cool White, Pure White, Daylight White and Warm White.  Base our patented technical, we produce the SMD NEON-LED with a continuously color linear effect as well as Glass Neon.


Compare with old NEON-LED in 80LEDs/m, the SMD NEON-LED have more than 96LEDs/m, that easy to mix color without hot dots or shadows. The professional White type SMD NEON-LED housed by PVC + Rubber and Powered by SMD2835 0.1W total 96LEDs/m with brighness 600lm/m.

PVC + Rubber
SMD2835 0.1W, 96LEDs/m


Professional White Choice:

Cool White
Pure White
Daylight White
Warm White Lemen Yellow  



  • Product Size: 14.5X27.5mm with side shading layers
  • LED Space: 10.4mm
  • Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC, 120V~, 240V~
  • Powered by SMD2835 0.1W, 96LEDs/m
  • Ultra Bright, more than 600lm/m
  • PVC + Rubber for long life aging.
  • Kelvin: Cool White (CW, >8,000K), Pure White (PW, 5,500~7,000K), Daylight White (DW, 4,000~4,500K) and Warm White (WW, 2,700~3,500K).
  • Work temperature: >=-20oC~60oC
  • Package: 33FT/10m, 165FT/50m, 330FT/100m
  • Long life (35,000 to 50,000 hours!) and trouble-free operation
  • Energy efficient; most signs use only 6 watts per meter.
  • Very bright LED and continuously line to attract attention
  • Safe Low Voltage operation; cool to the touch
  • High visibility, even in direct other light
  • Flexiable, easy to band; Easy to install, and maintain.
  • Fully enclosed electronics: no exposed glass tubing as with neon
  • Safe for the environment
  • One year warranty

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