NEON-LED, the new idea for NEON!!!

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NEON-LED is a revolutionize new  plastic rope light which is a new idea for Neon!



NEON-LED just as the name, is highly flexible plastic extrusion LED rope. It is very easy to shape various letters, patterns, trademark and Logos or other applications.


Energy Saving

NEON-LED can be save you more than 80% in energy cost. It is a quarter of energy consumption for miniature bulb light rope and sixth of energy consumption of Traditional Glass Neon.



NEON-LED is double insulated or reinforce insulated light rope. The out shell cover the LED in series connection as well as normal rope light. And, unlike the Traditional Glass Neon that have to run on a high voltage of over 6,000 Voltage powered by a ballast, NEON-LED only operates on 12V, 24V, 120V & 240V. The construction can be design more safety.



Easy to transport

NEON-LED with the minized size and light weight, easy to package and transport. Traditional Glass Neon is expensive on package and ship, because the fragility glass and heavy weight of support construction.


Low Heat

NEON-LED is a low energy consumption product, and NEON-LED only operates on 12V, 24V, 120V & 240V, so it only emits very little heat. The surface temperature will be less than 50 degree when it in normal use.


Long Life and Durability

NEON-LED made by LED with long lifetime more than 100,000 hours. It made by UV resistance, High inflammable class and suitable exposed outdoor location material, it is more durable, impact resistant and simply to maintenance.


Linear and Continuous Light effect

NEON-LED can be load continuously Max. 300 meters by one power supply cord. It is a linear and continuously color light effect better than Glass Neon.