LED NEON-FLEX, the new idea for NEON!!!

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SMD LED Neon-Border --Updated!


SMD LED Neon-Border --updated fully waterproof IP67!


LED Neon-Border is a new  plastic tube light which a new idea for Neon!



As we know, the LED TUBE LIGHT is a popular product for borderline lighting. It is a continuous line light wants to instead of Glass Neon. Though Glass Neon has long been the mainstream of the outdoors linear lighting, it is also known for its technical weaknesses, including complicated installation, fragile glass nature, potential shock hazard, high maintenance cost and high power consumption. But the LED TUBE LIGHT with a bigger size and can not band to a small shape. And, LED TUBE LIGHT seize on more position when it used at a short-haul location.


SMD LED Neon-Border is a new product same as LED TUBE LIGHT. It is a smaller borderline lighting with 20mm diameter, easy to install, agility and suitable used at a short-haul location.


SMD LED Neon-Border updated waterproof IP67 type is coming now!


As we know, the LED TUBE LIGHT's construction is empty so it is difficult to do waterproof. Right now, new LED Neon-Border is fully sealed by sillicon on led lighting system. The Aluminium profile like as a radiator to reduce the heating, so it is helpful for LED life. And, the tube is a unattached part for color mix, it is irrespective for waterproof.


Compare to LED TUBE LIGHT, LED Neon-Border is fully waterproof, long life, neon-like lighting effect and also smaller size better for close quarters installation.



SMD LED Neon-Border work at the safety low voltage (24V). It can be customer order lenght from 312.5mm, 625.0mm, 937.5mm, 1,250.0mm, 1,562.5mm and 1,875.0mm, or Special Order Length 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m


SMD LED Neon-Border have two types: Single Color ( (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Light-Ble, Green, Pure White, Daylight White & Warm White) type and RGB Type controlled by a multi-funtion RGB LED Color Changing Controller.