NEON-LED, the new idea for NEON!!!

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Extrusive SMD Flexi-Strip
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Extrusive SMD LED Flexi-Strip -Horizontal Type --New!


The Extrusive SMD LED Flexi-Strip is made of an inner plastic extrusion with Copper Conductors inside housed the series of LED. An outer plastic jacket further protects the inner tube. The plastic jacket will be the translucent colored and the LED will be Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange , Pure White, Daylight White and Warm White .  With sealed Power Connector and End-Cap, the Extrusive SMD LED Flexi-Strip can be reach IP65 class.



Compared with standard SMD LED Flexi-Strip, the Copper Conductors can carry out more than 6Amps, so can be load more power and more length. For Example, standard SMD3528 in 24VDC can be load 10m, but the Extrusive SMD3528 LED Flexi-Strip can be load more than 30m in one power cable without Line-Lost of Voltage.



NEON-LED's Extrusion SMD LED flexi-Strip Compared with standard SMD LED Flexi-Strip in the market, have more advantages as following:

1. with separated main conductor on each FPCB, it increase the strength of PCB;

2. with separeted section, can be release the Tensile Force when bend it;

3. with separated main conductor on each FPCB means it easy to do the ageing test at production progress and final test.

see following drawings:


Our FPCB after extruding
Competitor's FPCB after extruding